Saturday, March 14, 2015

a chuckle of laughter....while overlooking the date from last's post...indeed being clumsy searching for the "new post' tab explains the unfamiliarity of visiting this blog of mine. Perhaps the sudden need to write, to scribble, to spill a fountain of letters at this very moment would for sure solve the unfamiliarity in no time.....

So where do i begun.... felt a norm of writing in novelty since the fact that my postings are not catered for 'publicity'...

Where do i begun. For there is so much in mind right now. moments of thoughts? well, scrap that let's go back to simple thoughts.

Or basic thoughts....pick a word....a word of substance... that defines, that mould, that sculpt, that do wonders...

TIME? indeed yes.... rather fit well for the abovementioned.

*Gasp of relieve*

Time, such simple substance that brought so much. Putting a halt to this post, for I felt there is more to spill at the right moment of time... soon. :)

with love, just a beginning........

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fumbled within Mediocre

Beneath the anomalies of experiences, what stood out within a flash when you fumble through the dusk of your memories? Out of the dull and plain that is just....nothing but plain, what indifferent memories , be it good or bad ones that lingers within thoughts? Unique and unexpected, to fit within the gaps of differentiated are thoughts that I yearned to experience. Stood different, stood preciously unique, for after all we are similar exteriorly.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


It was a soul with complications of simplicity. Exteriorly it was a projected illusion of acceptance for others. Interiorly it was confusion of inquisitive mind, nothing similar to the illusion as sighted by others. A presumption of singular or rather exclusive inferior that may be distinguished from the norm of dullness. Its uncharacteristic behavior at times drew my attention to begun interest understanding such unparalleled attraction. Every minutes of sight counts, memorably. Each day denotes a fiction beginning and leads to a fiction ending. Of reality encountered, I see dreams. Of destiny encountered, I see fate. Whereabouts of this illusion leads to, indeed a secluded path of happiness. Intrusion of feelings. I behold my sight for now. The sight of sanity for feelings of insanity. Redeeming to know that all is more comforting now compared to previously. It is indeed more than mere attraction because it is different, differentiated from the norm I have seen ~           

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Womb to Tomb

“Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime, and every kindness, we birth our future.”

Cloud Atlas- A movie that I have recently watched and it left me intrigued, as above was a quoted verb adaptation of the intriguing novel by David Mitchell for the movie “Cloud Atlas”. Indeed, it was a magnified story on our illusion of what we encounter every day, “Life”. Where one begun to question the whereabouts the origins and correlations of such illusion which brings the need of mankind to manipulate and control the illusion of, “Life”. In my intepration, this illusion was explained in this story of “cloud Atlas” in a very momentarily beautiful stories. The unity of 6 different parts of storyline gave a climax understanding of questionable of this ignorant illusion. Why illusion, one doubt? Life may not be a illusion, as it is reality, but I would rather presumed it as a manipulated illusion of dreams because,”Our lives are not our own,”. The coexistent between lives of different individuals of the population we are living within are infinite relationship of crime and kindness toward one another. One love another of the same kind, yet one commit crime at the same time to another. If the Earth is a creation of God, without interference of mankind, are you authorized to change the written creation for self manipulation? The relations of each story told defines the necessity of responsibility we owe to another, which is our future. In fact, I hastened to believe that reborn of the soul exist as defined in this story because death is a tool to demolishing of our soul. However, consequently the degree of separation between death and life creates manipulation of fear towards the living soul. Inevitably, of such we belief that death purpose are to be the door towards heaven or hell. Would you have reflect the illusion you are living now to only do kindness as you fear the future sculpted resulted from your wrongdoings in the past and present? 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Moscow, Russia

An outdated post on my recent amazing trip to Moscow, Russia. Indeed, it has never came across my wildest dreams that I would step a foot at such beautiful place so soon. Almost 3 weeks was a breathtaking experience that gave me chills to the very inch of my bones, temperature for the drastic winter was around -22 and highest was -16. Literally, frozen at all time . Jaw wide open when I reached Russia airport , Domodedovo International Airpot. First time looking at such beautiful falls of snow, everything was covered in a white blanket of flakes. Reason I have written this post because I had a dream that I was back to Moscow, standing in the middle of Red Square , overlooking the Kremlin, hence, I realised how much I had missed the place. Been to so many beautiful places round the world, yet none gave me an everlasting memory as this place did.
Domodedovo International Airport

The sight from thousand feet above... miles reaching Moscow.

Despite the charming sights and experience, stayed in Hotel Cosmos with not very friendly customer service. Partly due to the language barrier of communication. It helps to actually put a little effort, which I did, learning the Russian language or simple words as all the people dont generally speak English. 
Hotel Cosmos, Prospect Mira

My night view from the hotel room, the highest floor in the hotel, overlooking the  Ostankino Tower  and Space Museum.

Little Russian egss <3 td="">

My day view that never fail to give me chills of happiness. Beautiful sights that clears all doubts and worries, just  at point blank.

Me in the furry ushanka. Trying to fit in to the crowd, wherby it is weird not wearing furry hats and also to save the ears from falling off in the chills :D
A day of unpacking after a almost 24 hrs flight was satisfying. Days after was very welcoming with the accommodating friendly people that take care of us while we were there, especially Natalia Sumarokova that ensure our journey had no hiccups at all.

Shopping during the weekends with frozen face after walking by the streets of -23c for 10 mins. Literally, felt the nose almost fall off. Christmas deco everywhere, jingles all the way~

The most memorable part of this journey was visiting the famous places of Moscow and musuems that narrates the historical side of the country. Intrigued by all the monuments, AC period human bones and even the great extinct mammoth remains, archaeology pieces and definitely really amazed at how recent man had found and learn at the formation and development of mankind.Adventuring such artifacts at Museum of Russian Pre-Historic. The great pieces I saw in Kremlin , St Basil Cathederal, was breathtaking. All these are sentimental part of the journey where I have been longing for when I am abroad. Not the shopping nor the luxury dining that fascinates me, but yet such learning of the unknown facts of life that interest me at peak. Back to basics on simple fact of life where many chosen to ignored its significance to modern life.

A unforgettable journey of experiencing new thoughts of culture~ A place never to be forgotten~

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Nervewrecking at times where you are stuck within the confusion of yourself, developing inconsistenty of path. Inconsistency is not a word I favor for its need. Doubts coexisting with the truth. But what is the truth? something you have perceived or is it an undeniable fact. Overshadowing the rest, the rest whom have gave me perfection. Yet i seek the inconsistency more, for it is damned with fulfillment to myself. For a short period of time or longer than needed , I would not know.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ugly Truth

Truth and a lie. What coexist within a truth and a lie? A fine line of belief.  As both may seem to be a direct verb with burden it carries independently, what defines a truth and a lie? My opinionated translation of such the above is result of satisfaction of proclamation of those two. A truth that brings impeccable satisfaction versus a lie that brings greater indefinite satisfaction. Which would you belief? A subjective belief of the outsiders whereby I could have presented a persona of “truth” into a “lie” and likewise. Yet, minds of the alike have been taught that only “truth” presents sanctuary of beauty and “lie” presents the ugly side of truth. 

I perceived a lie as an ugly truth but it is partly true~